Comic strip

So I have birds as pets.  It all started when our family rescued an injured pigeon.  We doubted he would live long but we decided to give him a chance.  Four years later he is still alive and bigger than ever!  His name is Helmut Von Rail.  He loves his reflection.  I mean if he could marry his reflection, he would.  That in mind, I found this comic strip and I got a big kick out of it!



When the Yarn comes out, So do the Birds!

Hello Lovelies!  Just a short post today.  I want to share something funny that happens to me when I work on my projects.  So I have several rescue birds and they usually have their own birdie agenda.  However when I pull out the yarn, they are all over me!  It must excite their birdie hearts to see so much potential nesting material.  Nowadays I crochet my Strabbits in a separate room so they wont get all birded.  Here are a few pics:

An older picture.  I’m working on a scarf as Liesja the dove checks out the yarn.  Helmut the pigeon supervises.


I was taking pictures when Liesja decided to photo bomb it.


Since they are so curious when I was creating, I decided to show them when it’s all finished.  Liesja wasn’t impressed! “I can’t make a nest out of that!”



Alright thats it for now, check me out on Etsy under Strochet.  See you soon!

Helmut says: “Doves and Pigeons LOVE Safflower seeds! So gimme gimme gimme COO!”

You can start crocheting at any age

Hello lovelies!  Have you ever worried that in order to be good in anything you would have to start at a young age?  I sure had that feeling.  In fact I was told since middle school that my window of opportunities were already out the window for many skills and talents.  Now that’s a bummer.  However, I proved this awful belief wrong when I started crocheting.  The first time I even picked up a hook I was 19 years old.  Even then, it was not by choice!  My mom gave me a “crochet your own sweater today” kit as a gift.  I admit it sat around for a while collecting dust before I even fathomed starting the craft.  I always thought, “I had to been doing this since I was little to be good at it” or “who wants to crochet? don’t people knit?” And “I have never been good at sewing etc.”   NEGATIVE NEGATIVE NEGATIVE.  Oh boy haven’t we all been down the bummer train.  When I finally gave my self the chance to try it….. I fell in love!  I have been crocheting since.  Today I am very happy with my results and people have given me good feedback and even YES bought from me!  I knew I started late.  And you know what?  Who cares?  It takes strength and courage to allow your self to try something new or to continue something that you love.  It’s the amount and attention you give to your passion that counts, and it reflects in the crafts (or what you do) you make.

O.k, here are some pics:

This book is what taught me everything about crochet and more.  It was given to me by my mother and it’s AMAZING!  This book was reprinted in 1982, so I don’t know if it’s still out there.  But if you see it, Get it!


These are some of my original Strabbits.  Not my first crochet work but very early on.


This is my first rabbit that would later inspire me to create Strabbits.  I was very impressed at the time.  Everything before this rabbit was supposed to be humanoid looking just turned up looking like a sock.  I stuffed him with an old pillow and gave him eyes from an old dog toy.  Haha I would never do that again, but this rabbit’s mine forever.IMG_7515

An extreme difference between then and now.  Then I used triple crochet, now I use single.  Makes a big difference.  Not only in size but in firmness.  I used felt for the eyes and logo too back then.  Now I only use yarn.IMG_7516

Alright thats it for now! Please check out my Etsy shop, just look under Strochet!

Helmut says:  Pigeons love to sleep in baskets, especially when lined with something soft. Coo!

First blog post

Hey, wow this is my first blog post.  Um I plan to write about crocheting and my crocheting projects. I sell my beautiful handmade Strabbits on Etsy.  I hope to connect with other crocheters or anyone who’s into arts and crafts…. or anyone really.  I also have an aviary I would like to share as well.  Well, see you soon!